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EOL provides a first class website designed for distribution representatives. I look to EOL as an inspiration and value-added tool…it helps keep me informed of new equipment, providing the details of products and helping me prepare prior to a sale with giving tips on the proper probing questions. Another part of the website I like is visiting the MDSI Resource Center Section, linking me to "Repertoire," "The Max," "The Journal of Healthcare Contracting" etc., to review past issues of magazines and medical information.

Virginia DeSavella Harper
Henry Schein, Inc.

EOL is a concept that I have absolutely fallen in love with and believe that if every sales rep in the field is not utilizing it yet, they will be in a very short time! What an incredible way to reach a number of different reps that represent different companies and different geographic areas!

  1. Being able to train on-line with EOL lets me learn at my pace, which means I can pass the information that I know, and go back over the information that I still need to learn!
  2. EOL has allowed me to learn a lot more about the products that I never even knew existed! With having such a "large bag of tricks," I can make myself more comfortable with more of these products!
  3. I strongly urge every field sales rep that is not training online with EOL, to get signed up and start learning today; I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Keith Boivin
Medical Specialites

This Cholestech EOL training module was the best one I have done in 5 years at Henry Schein. It gave complete and useful information and will definitely make me for one more effective in selling LDX GDX. Thank you for your efforts in providing this information.

David J. Giordano
Henry Schein Inc.

I was surprised to see that you were the spokesman for the Cholestech EOL training module. I have been prospecting for the Cholestech for a few months now, but with no luck. I have a few new targets now that I have a better understanding of the instrument and its function. Thank you for your training and shared knowledge.

Steven Ervin
Henry Schein

I am a new sales rep for McKesson and EOL has helped increase my knowledge with sales tools and product information. I enjoy using EOL for its convenience, ease of use, and useful information.

Sarah Brady
McKesson Corporation

Bovie Aaron Medical has been a supporter of EOL since its inception. We have found that it not only teaches but drives sales and increases our visibility with the dealer reps. The new format is fantastic! We have received an overwhelming response to the new presentation.

Janis Dezso
Bovie Aaron Medical

I am fairly new to the industry (less than 5 years) and I am always trying to educate myself on products and how the products benefit my customers. EOL puts together a great training tool just for this reason.

Doug Rummelhart
Heartland Medical Supply

I use EOL because it is so user friendly and focuses on the main selling points of the product rather than every insignificant detail.

Sammy Gattuso

EOL is a very informative site and has provided me with a lot of useful information on many different products. The training modules are very useful for sales reps in that they provide you with the necessary features and benefits of the product, why it is used, who to target, CPT codes and reimbursement, promotions, and links directly to the manufacturer.

Tom Lenihan
Henry Schein

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